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West Virginia School for the Deaf

Principal's Message


Principal's Message

                              Achieve, Challenge, and Thrive



Welcome to the West Virginia School for the Deaf, where we are committed to providing a quality education for our students. Our aim is to provide a challenging curriculum meant to expand language skills, while also encouraging personal growth in an academic setting that is designed to meet individual needs.  WVSD focuses on the academic and personal growth by devoting time to the social and emotional needs of each one of our students. As such, we believe in the individual potential of our students and their abilities to Achieve, Challenge, and Thrive. 


The West Virginia School for the Deaf is here to assist all students in achieving their dreams and find success in pursuing life goals. We are unconditionally committed to providing the best possible educational program to our students. However, beyond our curricula, there are numerous opportunities for our students to gain the skills that will allow them to be successful in their lives after high school. These moments afford each student the chance to develop leadership skills, to interact with peers, and to fully engage in all areas of school life.  In doing so, our students shape who we are as a WVSD community and family.


I invite you to visit us in the upcoming year.  We would appreciate the opportunity to showcase the daily efforts and successes achieved by our students and dedicated staff!

For more information on the policies and programs at the West Virginia School for the Deaf, please visit our website at


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